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15 Sweet Names You Can Call an Akwa Ibom Lady To Win Her Heart

One of the simple and warm ways to keep your relationship or marriage alive is to call your partner sweet and kind words that would be nice to hear.

Sweet and kinds words – pet names are universal ways of showing affection and projecting tenderness.

Having your partner, husband or boyfriend call you pet names can increase the affection and attraction about them.

Our research has shown that some people can’t do without pet names. As a matter of fact, pet names are so ingrained into people’s lives that if their partner calls them by their real name, they know something is seriously wrong.

2 week ago we asked our Instagram followers how they tease beautiful Akwa Ibom ladies, using sweet words in the Akwa Ibom Dialect. The responses were amazing.

Here are the 15 sweet names you can call an Akwa Ibom lady to win her heart. We mean sweet names that can open doors of opportunities 🙂

1. Inemesit mmi 

2. Utuenikang mmi 

3.Ntantaofiong mmi 

4.Uyai lban 

5.Ndoko mma 

6.Mbopo mmi 

7.Ameyaiya tutu 



10.Ima Ima 

11.Mbakara mmi 

12.Ufan ima 

13.Afia mma 

14.Asian mma 

15.Ininghe mmi 

Call her these names and thank us later!  Feel free to add anyone you’d like in the comments section…find out the meaning of the above names below. 

What is the meaning of Utuenikang mmi ?

Utuenikang mmi mean my Light (My Lantern or my touch light)

What is the meaning of Ntantaofiong mmi?

Ntantaofiong mmi mean my sunshine

What is the meaning of Uyai Iban?

Uyai lban means beautiful women in akwa ibom langauge

What is the meaning of Ndoko mma?

It means a beauty queen

What is the meaning of Mbopo mmi?

Mobopo mmi means my fresh wife material

What is the meaning of Ameyaiya Tutu?

Ameyaiya tutu is a sexy way of telling your wife you are so beautiful

What is the meaning of Uyai?

Uyai means Beauty

What is the meaning of Mkpouto?

Mkpouto means Wonder. This is a perfect name to call your spouse when she has done something great

What is the meaning of Ima Ima?

Ima Ima means lovey lovey

What is the meaning of Mbakara mmi?

Mbakara mmi means “My Oyibo”. This is another sweet and romantic name to call your spouse

What is the meaning of Ufan ima?

Ufan ima means “My Loving friend”

What is the meaning of Afia mma?

Afia mma means my “White Woman”

What is the meaning of Asian mma?

Asian mma means “The Showoff woman”

What is the meaning of Ininghe mmi?

Ininghe mmi means “My Sugar





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