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7 Things You Need To Do If You’re Planning To Have Your Wedding Within This Covid-19 Period


Are you planning to have your wedding between April and May 2020? Here are the things you need to do to have a successful wedding without fueling the spread of CoronaVirus.

1. Shopping for Your Wedding Dress

As you are aware, many wedding dresses are manufactured in China and that is where the Covid-19 started.  The UK, US and other European countries are in total lockdown.  They’ve shut down non-essential shopping. 

That means it will be extremely hard to find or buy your wedding dress from your favourite brand. 

Our advice is that you visit your local designer who can make a simple and nice wedding dress rather than shopping online as delivery is not exacting a safe alternative at the moment.

2. Invitation Cards and Wedding Programme

The Invitation card is one of the most essential parts of planning a wedding. They set the tone and expectation high for your wedding day. 

Traditionally, you would need to print and distribute invitation cards, however, because of the widespread of Covid-19, we advise you design and distribute your wedding invitation electronically via Email, WhatsApp and other social media platforms. 

Doing so will help stop the spread of Covid-19 because the virus can live on hard surfaces for up to 72 hours (4hrs on copper; 3hrs in the air; 24hrs on cardboard; up to 3days on plastic). 

3. Booking for A Venue

Due to the widespread of Covid-19, we wouldn’t encourage couples to hold a wedding that requires booking a venue. However, if you believe you do need a venue for your wedding, you need to ensure the venue owners put special measures in place on your wedding day.

Before booking, ensure the venue is secured with a lot of antibacterial soap, disposable paper hand towels and hand sanitisers. You would also need an automatic air freshener kit that could spray an alcohol-based sanitiser to keep the room refreshed. You would also need a staff that could enforce social distancing.

We know you would love your grandparents to be at your wedding. But do not invite the elderly or anyone with underlying health conditions.

4. Food And Refreshment

Food is important as far as weddings are concerned. It is not advisable but If you must have refreshment at this time, ensure maximum hygiene from a food vendor and they have been confirmed free of the virus and fit to still run the business.

Ensure food and drinks are pre-packed and placed on the tables before the guests arrive to avoid contacts while self-serving through buffet or ordering. You can send gifts to your guests or organise an elaborate dinner after the Covid-19 pandemic. 

5. Honeymoon

Covid-19 has disrupted a lot of things including travelling plans and holiday destinations.  As many countries are now on lockdown, it is likely that your honeymoon would be affected. If you would like to go ahead with your wedding this period, then you need to consider having your honeymoon indoors.

You could enjoy each other’s company by playing your favourite games together, planning for the future, watching movies and exercising together. You can always travel for a honeymoon once the Covid-19 is over.  


Coronavirus can live on hard surfaces for up to 72 hours (4hrs on copper; 3hrs in the air; 24hrs on cardboard; up to 3days on plastic). So, it is advisable not to receive wedding gifts from anyone during this period. We’ll advise you ask your friends, guests and family to seek other alternatives to physical gifts such as money via bank transfer.

7. Online Wedding Experience

We understand how awkward it would be to have a wedding without having your loved ones around you. Celebrations all over the world are fast adjusting to these hard times.

There are couples substituting a gender reveal party with an Instagram live gender reveal where all their friends and loved ones join in to share in the joy of the moment. You can be the first to stream your wedding live for all your friends to join in and celebrate with you.

That way you can have a Priest or a Pastor joining you in the presence of your parents or immediate family while other guests join in the celebration by streaming your wedding via Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or Zoom.

If you are worried about privacy, then you could use YouTube and Zoom and only allow access to people you’d love to share at the moment. That way, we all stay Corona Free and happy and you could also save a lot on the bright side. Read more about getting married this period.

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