Akwa Ibom Grooms – Are The Grooms Usually Left Out Of The Wedding Frenzy?

Akwa Ibom Grooms

Picturing or imagining a groom-to-be during the hustle and bustle of the wedding preparation is hilarious. Are they usually too overwhelmed by all the activities or just plain unbothered? Most of them do not care much about their outfits, colour choices, Asoebi and so on.

They just want to wake up and be married. They are usually more excited about the marriage than the wedding itself (which is a good thing), but hey, the ladies need help with all the worrying and anxiety.

At least join them to be anxious LOL (like, let’s all be worked up together).  The bride doesn’t need you being all cool, calm and collected when you should be screaming over the phone at a tailor for spoiling your blouse and wrapper (oops sorry, we forgot, that’s our problem, you didn’t ask us to be all extra with the outfits) but it should be your problem too.


Well, the brides really can’t blame the grooms; after that daunting bride price, settling the parents, the uncles and aunties, siblings ‘Ndito Eka’ and ‘Ndito Ette’ and all the drama, what could they possibly be worried about again?

They don’t need that skilled makeup artist to sculpt their faces to perfection, neither do they need two firm hands glueing their ears to their heads to erect the mighty staircase called Gele ‘mbob ibuod’. They could do perfectly fine with a tacky ten-minute hair cut (who cares? what’s that cap for again?)

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So, they come in fine and fresh on that day, tie their ‘Usobo’ (which doesn’t have to be perfect because we wouldn’t notice anyway), wear that white or any colour of the long shirt (which of course could be bought or made that same day), wear the traditional half jacket or just fling it to a corner; wear the customised cap (very important because a guy must be complete); put on a few accessories and the traditional tie made from the ‘Usobo’ (very optional) and carry their walking stick.

That’s it. They are set to be married. Very unproblematic if we must say.

Meanwhile, the brides are somewhere being face beaten…LOL.

We just love our easy-going grooms.

Tell us what you think.

Are the grooms usually more involved than we know?

Are they left out by the brides who want perfection or Are they just unbothered?

Leave your comments below…



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