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Baes In Blue – What You Should Know About Colour Blue

Lovers of blue are welcome to have a field day savouring these shades on some of our amazing couples. Blue, which is one of the primary colours is known for its great significance and charm. Its representation in nature is limited to the sky and water as it is not represented in other forms of nature like leaves, fruits, vegetables or plants; notwithstanding it is known as a representation of the heavens which signifies authority. Blue is also known for calmness, cleanliness. serenity and reliability. From your denim wear at home to corporate logos in your workplaces, companies and organisations, blue is a colour that whispers creativity, intelligence and fun. 

Ancient Greek culture viewed blue through a superstitious lens as being able to ward off ‘the evil eye’ and this explains why some of them wore it as bracelets and necklaces as forms of protection.  Blue was also an expensive colour for painters in the renaissance age and was used to showcase figures with high importance like the Virgin Mary, Mother of our Lord Jesus, who has been portrayed wearing blue.

Blue is also a prominent trend for baby boys for several years now which also transcends to the preferred colour for men. Blue speaks volumes when it comes to stability and reliability. You easily feel assured you can’t go wrong with blue if it has to be a last resort. 

Shades of blue are a range of beauty, whether it’s a navy blue, royal blue, baby blue, sky blue, turquoise, aqua, azure or many others. These shades of blue can be perfectly combined with other colours such as red, white, shades of gold, silver, coral, black, yellow and orange. Some many couples have been creative with these combinations as seen in these photos.

Most Couples choose the colours for the day based on their favourites, either for the bride, the groom or both. Others might be suggestions from event planners or families agreeing to one colour. In all, most couples that have rocked blue outfits never go wrong. It’s a safe colour any day.


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