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BEWARE: There Is A Cryptic Pregnancy Scam Going On In Nigeria In 2020

Cryptic Pregnancy Scam

This week has been a season of babies for us here at Ibom Weddings. We shared lovely pictures of Ibom Couples and their lovely babies (Ndito) across our social media pages.

For us at Ibom Weddings, family means a lot. This is why we enjoy sharing lovely family pictures and moments. Our couples and followers are all blessed and we pray that everyone receives their heart desire in grand style. So if you’re expecting your wedding or babies, we pray that your joy be full in no time and we wait to celebrate with you.

Here’s the gist for today.

#BEWARE Of Cryptic Pregnancy Scam In Nigeria

Information going around on social media shows that there is a series of cryptic pregnancy scam going on in Nigeria. In as much as we love sharing wedding pictures, stories and articles, it is imperative that we bring to your attention, the scam going on with regards to having babies.  Please read and share it. Our prayer is that you’ll not be a victim of any scam.

What Is Cryptic Pregnancy?

According to information available on BBC,

Cryptic Pregnancy is a term used when a woman has no idea that she is pregnant – some women report not knowing until they are in labour.

About one in 2,500 births is a “cryptic birth” That equals about 300 births in the UK a year.

Some cases are associated with a period of stress when a woman may not have, or not experience, the usual signs of pregnancy

Even women who have irregular or absent periods still experience other pregnancy symptoms

Earlier this week,  a  Nigerian doctor- Abah Ehi Peters has taken to social media to expose a Cryptic Pregnancy scam going on in Nigeria.

According to Abah Ehi Peters,  the scam involves brainwashing women into believing that they are pregnant. Those involved in this scam pose as medical experts.  They would inject vulnerable women ( those in desperate need of a baby ) with a high level of oestrogen and sometimes progesterone hormones.

These hormones form cysts and cause women’s abdomen to appear as though they are pregnant. Women pay up to N1,800,000 for this scam depending on whether they want a male or female child.

Dr Abah Ehi Peters who brought this to light via his Twitter page shared his conversation with a patient who believed she was pregnant.

Please read series of  tweets  from Dr Abah Ehi Peters regarding the scam Cryptic Pregnancy



Please be aware that a high level of oestrogen and progesterone hormones can cause cancer and stroke. Find out more about Cryptic Pregnancy here

These revelation raised concerns about the source of babies given to their customers after 9 months. People are really worried about where they got the babies. It is alleged that these scammers run baby factories.

The latest Cryptic Pregnancy in 2020 happened right in Akwa Ibom. Watch the video below:


Please Ndito Akwa Ibom, #BEWARE!! If you like this article, then please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for wedding trailer. You can also find us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook







  • Twinimanda

    I’m enlightened!
    I have a neighbor who has been pregnant for about 5years now and she terms it to cryptic pregnancy. I actually don’t know what to believe now.
    I will keep my ears on the ground as a good neighbor but with caution not to be nosy.
    I pray she finds her heart desire!

    Thanks ma’am

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