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Elegantly Efik: 10 Amazing Efik Traditional Dresses

Efik Traditional Wedding Attire

Efik brides and couples are known for their regal or royal appearance. They come ready with a lot of poise and elegance. The very essence of the phrase “Efik edi mbakara” is to reiterate the classy behaviour linked to the early western exposure of the Efiks.

This reflects largely on their Esteem and way of life. We have some brides from 2018 and 2019 who stunned in the Onyonyo Outfit and ‘ofong ukod awan’. The ‘Onyonyo’ is an outfit for queens and the ‘ofong ukod awan’ was worn
mostly by brides after the fattening room experience.

Modern Efik brides incorporate both outfits for their traditional wedding. Another traditional attraction is the Efik bridal hair adorned with combs.

1. Amanda Theresa

2. Etta

3. Umo Henshaw

4. Edemeawan

5. Xerona and Nella Duke – The duke sisters wedded a few months apart in 2018

6. Elizabeth in her ‘ofong ukod awan

7. Victoria

8. Eme

9. Pearl

10. Esther

Tell us what you love about the Efik brides…

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