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My 2020 Wedding Post Covid 19

We will all agree that 2020 has been full of surprises and so much uncertainty. From the raging storm of Corona Virus to so much socio-economic issues around the world. This situation has set a tone for this year and even as the lockdown begins to ease off, people generally would love to remain careful as the year goes by, especially as the end of the lockdown does not suggest the end of the virus. What does this mean for your wedding?

  1. You could still have a robust guest list but there would still be a lot of cautiousness from your guests which could hinder their full participation in your day. 
  2. The laws on Social distancing and gathering in your city might be relaxed but still exercised to some extent which could disrupt the planning of a large wedding.
  3. Your vendors would very much deliver as everyone is on the lookout for things to return to normal and businesses to bloom as desired.
  4. The need for a lot of travelling and movement might pose a setback. Airports and borders are generally not opened yet and when the lockdown is fully relieved there are lots of uncertainties regarding transportation, family members and friends travelling for weddings, honeymoon locations and so on.
  5.  Your wedding could end up being very serene, easily planned, organised and very intimate, especially if you already planned for a cosy and cute day. Notwithstanding, your grand wedding, if scheduled for the end of the year stands a great chance of coming true as planned as the lockdown eases, and everything hopefully returns to normal in the next few months.

We really understand that these are not easy times and so many plans are being disrupted or placed on hold, but keep faith and hope alive. Do not give up and believe that the world will be in a better place after these trying times. Most importantly, stay safe and maintain every precaution to protect your self and your loved ones.



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