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Seven Myths About Weddings and Marriage


Myths are ideas about a subject or a thing that are generally believed or accepted by many but not true. For marriage, there are certain myths that several people might have unconsciously accepted. These aren’t true and many new couples are proving this fact.

1). You must have dated your Partner for a Year or more to have a successful marriage

So many marriages have now proven that it is not by how long but how well. There is no fixed timeline for dating before taking the next step. Your connection and compatibility with a person are not dependent on how long you’ve known each other. Your readiness for marriage is also not a factor of how long you’ve been together.

2). Couples who had Long distance relationships find it harder in marriages

Long-distance relationships are more about understanding and trust. So many couples who had this while dating have still managed to sustain a healthy and exciting marriage. Couples in long-distance marriages have still managed to stay above the distance through understanding and communication.

3). Happy couples must have everything in common to build a successful home

Marriage is a union of two people from different backgrounds, however, there is a myth that the less different you are, the easier it gets as a couple. Most people believe that if you are from the same place (town or village), the same religion (same church or way of worship), you would have a more blissful marriage. It is true that coming from the same area breeds some form undeniable connection, but it does not make the marriage easier because it still boils down to respect for each other, respect for each other’s roots and beliefs and a lot of love and understanding.

4). You must be engaged for a year to be fully prepared for the Wedding and Marriage

There was a time when getting engaged for a year or close to a year seemed like the normal thing to do. Some people see it as the ideal time to court and prepare for the wedding which is true, but It does not make it abnormal or a disadvantage for couples who decide to be married just after the engagement. Learning about your partner is a lifelong course and every new stage comes with new things to learn about each other. You cannot know it all while dating or courting.

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5). The Man in the relationship must be older than the woman

A high percentage of people found it abnormal for an older lady to date or marry a young man as the reverse is seen to be normal. Some women, especially celebrities have broken this myth, by sustaining a long and blissful marriage or relationships with younger men.

6). Your wedding must meet up with existing trends and standards

People typically draw some inspiration from other people or celebrity weddings. This is totally fine but there are no pressures to follow a trend if you do not want to. For instance, if you are not interested in having bridesmaids for your wedding, you shouldn’t be forced to do so because It is the norm for every wedding. It is necessary to understand the significance of every wedding standard and decide which you would love to follow.

7). You must have huge savings set out for the wedding day alone

Life after the wedding would be much easier if most couples are not pressured to follow this myth. Couples should plan reasonably and not delay their weddings based on lack of funds to meet up with an impressive wedding ceremony.

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