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Some Ibibio/Efik Grooms’ Outfit Inspiration-For the Grooms-to-be

The entire fuss about weddings is usually centred around the bride. The wedding planners and even parents are more concerned about the bride’s outfits and appearance. More often than we realise, the grooms are sometimes left out of the frenzy and tend to just show up on the day. So many brides unconsciously control every part of the planning phase, when they make decisions on everything pertaining to the wedding including their groom’s outfits and colours.

The grooms hardly complain and are usually just happy to go with the flow and let the brides-to-be decide their outfits and everything else while they soak in the euphoria of the moment. A few grooms do take the time to be involved and actually interested in how they and their guys would arrive in grand style on the day.

We have some inspiring photos and moments from our Efik/Ibibio grooms below, for the grooms-to-be who are fully involved in the choice of outfits for the day and crave some inspiration.


Motionz Studios


Dizney Studios

Bedge Pictures

Excel Imagery





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