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Something As Sweet As Lauren And Cameron’s “Love Is Blind” Union

Before the whole quarantine chronicles, you must have heard of the trending couple Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton from Netflix’s epic dating reality series Love is Blind. The two found love despite not seeing each other until they were engaged on the show. When they finally met each other physically their love only grew stronger breaking all boundaries of race, age or other factors that some could have considered a limitation. Their personalities, mindset, moral grounds and utmost respect for each other have made them not just America but literally the world’s favourite couple.

The Couple were already married a year before the show aired on Netflix in Feb 2020. Since then, the fame and love they have enjoyed from various parts of the world have been immense. They have been a great inspiration to so many people that were previously whisked away by physical appearances or age and race, reminding us that Love is all that matters.

Before them, however, on this platform, we’ve shared so many interracial marriages; Some of our brides that got hooked to some very lucky and good looking white guys. Their weddings got us believing the White grooms also feel the vibe of an Akwa Ibom babe as much as everyone else does. We love how these grooms own the traditional outfits proud and loud as though they were born for it.

We believe strongly that when it comes to love and marriage, an Akwa Ibom lady or guy is quite vast and unlimited. There are equally as many intertribal and interracial marriages as there are the same tribe or same state marriages amongst the people of Akwa Ibom all over the world. In all, one thing remains sure, the Ibom bride and Ibom groom are always a force to reckon with.

This is to encourage everyone to give love a chance above everything. Love happens when you least expect if you open your heart to it. Open your mind to the possibilities of finding it in the strangest and sometimes the most unconventional ways and you’d be surprised to see that it could surpass your imagination. Always Pray and follow. Lauren, in her Instagram post, said ”Prayer and manifestation is so powerful”. When you’ve prayed about something, open your mind to its manifestation in any way or through anyone.

If you’ve had an interracial marriage or you have any friends with similar bonds please feel free to share some with us by email and we would be glad to share them on our pages. See more photos of our beautiful interracial couples.


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