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Super Excited Akwa Ibom brides – Are Edidiongs the happiest Ibom brides?


 Are Edidiongs the happiest Ibom brides?

Every bride is a happy girl, at least that’s what we’d like to assume, but some are much more exhilarated about their big day. Some of the most expressive brides we’ve seen coincidentally are named Edidiong.

These brides have not held back in fully expressing their joys, from wide smiles, hearty laughs to funny poses.

Urban dictionary defines Edidiong as :

Very clever ,smart ,and often has large space between the two upper teeth, she is of the akwa ibom tribe and she often has a large sense of humor . Never let an edidiong go because she is one in a million.

This gets us wondering if our speculation is true. LOL! Edidiong actually means blessings.

Spot the Edidiongs in their most exciting moments.

1.Didi and Banjo

2. Edidiong U. and Ikpe 

3. Didi Mendie and Shady 

4. Edidiong and  Kufre 

Well, you know what they say “happy girls are the prettiest” Tell us what you think about Edidiongs in general? Leave your comment below.



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