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Three Most Important Things To Consider When Planning Your Wedding

Wedding planning

We all know how easy it is to try to please others especially family when planning your wedding. For families everyone has their priority which might not include you sadly, that is the reason why you should be your number one fan throughout the period.

Your parents, most specifically fathers or uncles are often concerned with the food and entertainment and may pay less attention to your own needs, this might not be a conscious act but let’s just say, it’s part of the whole wedding frenzy. Mastering the act of putting yourself first, will save your day and keep it memorable for a lifetime. Here are three simple ways to achieve this;

1. Be purely concerned with how you will look:

Your appearance on the big day should be your number one priority because as the star of the day, you don’t need to be reminded that you are the centre of attraction.
People will most likely forget what they ate at your wedding but will hardly forget how you looked. So, first on the list while planning should be sorting out your outfits early enough, your accessories and makeup and then you can consider what others will wear, as your day must be colourful.
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2. Photographs and Videos: 

Well, It is perfectly fine to be vain for a day or two because those memories captured will last forever. You don’t want to substitute that for other items on the list. It might sound selfish, but it will be more profitable for you to secure the memories that your children would come to appreciate, than trying to cater first to the needs of guests, who will be alright in the end. It is important that your guests are well entertained, but while planning, it should be considered after the photos and video sessions covering your day have been arranged.

3. Hospitality:

First, you need to be hospitable to yourself because this is all about you. Ensure you have a comfortable place to rest well before the wedding; which must also be convenient for dressing up on that day.

Your next priority should be where your friends coming from a long distance would stay, this is important because they would be coming all the way for you, and even while putting yourself first, you need remain a good host and should be concerned about their comfort.

When these three have been ticked off your list, you could now relax and think about the others like the venue, food and entertainment. Ensure you make plans to create a beautiful wedding space with a lot of fun.
Weddings are all about creating memories that keep you smiling during a flashback. It is not your responsibility to impress or satisfy everyone else at the expense of your happiness.
Do you agree with these few points?

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