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Will Corona Virus Disrupt My Wedding Plans? – 5 Suggestions That Might Be Helpful


Are you worried about Coronavirus or are you wondering if this new development will disrupt your wedding plans?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared Corona Virus aka COVID -19 as global pandemic and the world is currently on high alert. The outbreak of coronavirus is seriously affecting our daily lives and businesses. It is posing a serious threat to weddings and the wedding industry.

Frankly speaking, Covid -19 will most likely unsettle your wedding plans especially if your wedding is scheduled to hold in April and May. The Corona Virus (Covid -19) moves with a force stronger than any hurricane or tornado and pulls down almost everything and everyone it passes by.

If your wedding plans happen to be in its way, it may very well disrupt it without a second thought. The US wedding industry Is worth $78bn. About 450,000 weddings slated for March through May in the US are going to be postponed.

As much as this might not be what you would love to hear at the moment, it is necessary that while being optimistic about this situation, we remain realistic.

The Corona Virus has already taken the world by storm. Countries like China, Italy, Spain, Iran and the US are some of the most affected countries in the world. These countries and most other countries with some significant amount of cases are currently on lockdown. Some world leaders, celebrities and almost all nations have suffered greatly from this pandemic which is called an invisible enemy.

Nigeria’s figures are rising on a daily basis, and with the vast nature of the spread of this virus, it is no news that the best solution for Nigeria at the moment would be a total lockdown like almost every part of the world. That being the case, measures to enforce a lockdown are already being implemented; social gatherings, places of worship, parties and other event venues are being asked to disengage from all activities.

This has been enforced severely in Lagos and Abuja with the highest number of recorded cases. We have heard stories of parties and wedding receptions being dissolved by law enforcement agents in these cities. Akwa Ibom and Cross River are not exempted as strict social distancing measures are being communicated.

What does this mean if you have already planned your wedding to be held in a week or two, or a month from now? It is apparent that most couples to be may have begun plans for their wedding a year from now and are now greatly impacted by the situation.

Even if actual plans started a few months ago, it would still be daunting to think that it will be disrupted by the present circumstances in the world. Invitation cards may have been printed and distributed and vendors may have already been fully booked. It could be quite a nightmare for couples at this time.

What could be done in this situation? We have a few suggestions that might help manage your plans this period.

1. Have A Small In-House Wedding: This is hard to imagine especially if you’ve always envisaged a large wedding and reception. You’ve probably followed a lot of wedding blogs and have looked forward to planning yours and making it grand. You may have already shared your invitation cards and the dates booked and ready. In all these, being married immediately is very important to you, and you are bothered about how a change in plans would affect everything and the guests you’re expecting.

Well, worry less because chances are, the people you are expecting might not turn up because of the restrictions of social gathering, so at this point, a text message or a call to inform them of the changes in plans would not be out of place. However, if being married immediately is not of utmost importance to you. You might not want to consider this. This option is for those who cannot savour the thought of postponing the wedding or who wouldn’t mind having a small ceremony.

If you decide to go ahead with your wedding, make sure all your guests are up to date with how best to stop the spread of Covid-19.  You can text them the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) guidelines.  We would suggest you provide a hand-washing facility and sanitizers.  Sitting arrangements should be at least 2m apart.

 2. Postpone Wedding Till Later In The Year: This is one easy route to take if you haven’t printed invitation cards yet and if you’re just chilled and wanting your grand wedding to come through as planned whenever it is convenient for all. You might have had a date in mind already and even started planning towards it but at this time it might be best to consider a date later in the year as not much is at stake.

Even if you’ve printed your invitation cards, it would be understandable if you decide to change the date because of Covid-19. Before you call off your wedding, we would suggest you contact your families and pastor to discuss the situation and check If they are available for a later date. Pick an alternative date before you contact your event planner and other vendors to inform them about the change of plan.

3. Have A Formal/Court Wedding Now: If you have planned to have all three weddings this season (Traditional, Church and Court), you can look to proceed with the Court wedding alone if possible (where the marriage registry is still operating at this time). The Court wedding by default is private and does not require a guest list unless by preference. In this circumstance, you can consider this as it ensures you are legally married. You can host a reception once it is safe to do so.

4. Have A Mini Traditional Wedding: You can have a mini traditional wedding with selected family members and a big reception later.  The health and safety of your loved ones and wedding guests are very important. In the past, we’ve heard of food poisoning at weddings.

What you don’t want is for your wedding to be tagged “CoronaVirus Wedding” – A wedding where many people contacted Covid-19.  Think of the idea of a mini traditional wedding as another introduction, this time with the main traditional wedding rites taking place.

This solidifies the wedding traditionally and the reception can be held whenever the current circumstances permit. This is also best for couples who would love to be wedded or to mark their wedding in any form immediately.

5. Have a Pastor or Priest Wed You Privately: You can have a pastor or a priest wed you privately with not more than 5 people witnessing the event. Again, this is particularly possible for couples whose priority is to be wedded ASAP and who would not mind a private wedding even in more comfortable circumstances.

The vast spread of this virus may be disrupting a lot of plans but on the bright side, you could also be saving a fortune by opting for any of these suggestions. That being said, you can still have your dream wedding when the timing is more favourable and doesn’t put you and your guests at any risk.

We all want to stay safe and keep everyone around us safe in these times. Please ensure you obey the authorities on social distancing. Stay home, avoid contacts at this time, wash and sanitise your hands frequently. Please add your suggestions and opinions on this post in the comment section.

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